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He smirked, then wrinkled his nose and recoiled. They didn't give her even an inch of slack, and the more she struggled, the more she felt her wrists rubbing themselves raw. Geraldine began to cackle and Clover and Blaine steeled themselves for battle… only for nothing to happen. The two stared at one another for a moment, exchanging worried looks. Clover started struggling again as soon as she regained her strength from the tickle torture she'd had to endure, but the straps and ropes continued to hold tight. Clover angrily thrashed in her chair, her muffled protests echoing throughout the cabin.

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It was then that Clover felt the first sensations across her soles, sending an instant tingling up her feet and legs.

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Total drama Island part 2 Blaine really did care about Clover, or he wouldn't have listened to her attempts to tell him what Geraldine was really up to… she just wished she could've thought of a way to convey the message to him sooner. She shook her head, but couldn't fight the lingering dreams from her mind. As soon as the mission was over, she had plans to meet up with him for lunch… but at the moment, Clover was crouched behind one of the mall's shrubbery displays, laying in wait for the Mall Rat's arrival. She wanted to tell Blaine everything, wanted to scream it out, and she didn't know if her gag could contain it. The two surprised spies skidded for a few feet before ending up planted on their butts in the parking lot, watching as the jet rose and took off into the skies.

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totally spies naked tied up
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