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It was like that. Seems like the kid s were antagonizing him fishing for a reaction. Why was he even surrounded by all those girls? It looked small from the outside, but once you went inside, there were countless small rooms. People are condoning the attack with the usual "Teach Respect" bullshit. No sympathy for him though should have removed himself from the situation.

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One of these rooms was mine.

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51-Year-Old Man Accused Of Punching 11-Year-Old Girl At North Carolina Mall

I do wonder if he was apparently "defending his family", but still that is no excuse at all, what the hell were those girls even going to do, and he's clearly outside some store you can call security or something. What is this stupid bullshit where we get gender specific. Despite her protests that we should sleep upstairs, I insisted we stay downstairs. Oct 27, 1, Being twelve years old and having an overly active imagination, I was terrified of staying upstairs by myself at night.

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  1. wow foonlord............... if you say so. they look firm to me, not like kayla kleavage or claudia maries. now theirs look very old.