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Another source of pressure for me, personally, comes from the fact that the media has become obsessed with a particular aesthetic for mixed-race and black women. As a child I felt pressure to be a certain kind of perfect, so I wanted to look pretty and nice while my male cousins were running riot, that sort of nonsense. I am quite critical of myself as a single parent. I stopped medication and sought other means of help, eventually finding homeopathy and yoga. Show 25 25 50 All.

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The biggest lesson for me, in terms of losing the urge to try to be perfect, was becoming a mum:

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We are only deemed attractive if we have tiny waists and large hips and lips. Now I am an adult my aspirations have changed and I am a lot more confident about who I am. On Facebook I see mothers saying: If so, then you may be a perfectionist. I got Instagram when I was 14 and growing up with it has really affected me. In fact a NHS study found I did not want it to impact on how I viewed my life with my daughter and what I could and could not provide for her.

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